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[FSDSS-517] Brainwashing Event. Brainwashing and messing an OL with my cock. Nene Yoshitaka

Movie Information:
Code: FSDSS-517
Release Date: 2022-11-04
Category: 1080p, HD, JAV
Director: Dazai Chinpo
Studio: FALENO
Label: FSDSS
Tags: Beautiful Girl, Office Lady, OL
Series: Hypnosis brainwashing
Actor: Makoto Nojima
Actress: Yoshitaka Nene

A few years ago, our good man Makoto was pranked and humiliated by a group of schoolgirls, which caused him to get fired.

By some twist in destiny, at his new job, he bumps into that schoolgirl once again (Nene Yoshitaka), as she is now a co-worker.

To piss him off even further, Nene is set to get married to the president’s son.

In that junction, he finds a way to get his revenge via brainwashing.

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