Job Hunting Stress Is Eliminated By Sex! ! – Ayumi Okazaki


Cute Ayumi-chan of Osaka dialect. I can’t stand the amateur feeling of Gachi. I’m currently in job hunting, so he came in a crisp suit. It seems that the stress seems not to be able to find a job easily, and the number of times of masturbation seems to have increased since it started job hunting. First of all, I decided to show the masturbation of to relieve stress. Masturbation while being seen by people is said to be excited, it is a transformation with a cute face. It is a big oppai regardless of appearance when I take off clothes, and I have a naughty body! I’ve been scared of the stockings I’m wearing, but don’t worry about it. Ayumi-chan seems to feel really comfortable at 69 and says, “I want you to put it in.” Let’s get comfortable in order to contribute to stress relief!